STOCKING HANGER 3Ok, I know it’s been a while ya’ll, but I promise I’m about to make up for it! Over the weekend I finally got to tackle a project I’ve been really excited about. Like so excited I forgot to take pictures of the process womp womp 😦 BUT this project is so easy, I’m almost positive you won’t even need the pictures!!


In our old apartment, we had a enough room that I made a fake fireplace to hang our Christmas stockings, but in our new apartment there’s no fireplace OR room for a fake fireplace! (cue sad face) So I started looking on the magical place to find an answer for any problem, AKA Pinterest, and I saw all the cute stocking hangers people had made! Well of course my first thought was “I am NOT paying that much!!” closely followed by “I can do that!” So after a few weeks of procrastinating, I finally hit Home Depot for the wood, sandpaper, tarp, and painters tape. Then I spent far too long in Hobby Lobby for the acrylic paint, brushes, stain, and knobs, and random Christmas stuff I did NOT need.




This project takes about a day and a half to complete, but that’s mainly drying time. First I sanded the wood down just enough to get rid of any major imperfections. I wanted it to look “rustic” and “antique” so I didn’t go over board on this. Then I wiped off the dust and painted to whole board with ONE coat of white paint. I still wanted to be able to see the wood grain through the paint, so I didn’t want a thick coat. After the white paint dried (well mostly dried, because I’m super impatient) I taped off the stripes for the red, and painted ONE coat of red. I let this dry over night, and the next morning I sanded it down again focusing on areas that would get the most wear and tear naturally, like corners, edges, and the ends. I also sanded down the face of the board where I had painted it so I could get more of the wood grain showing. After I wipes it all down again, I stained to board with MinWax Dark Walnut and wiped most of the stain off. I didn’t want it to completely discolor the pain, just enough to make it look aged.  Then it was just a quick coat of polyurethane spray sealant! I let this dry for a few hours, and then marked off where I wanted my hooks to be with chalk, drilled the holes, and screwed the knobs in. ALL DONE!!

I told you this project was super easy! I even did most of it while my son was AWAKE!!

What you’ll need:

  • wood plank (any size you want)
  • sand paper
  • cheap plastic tarp
  • painters tape
  • chalk
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • wood stain
  • knobs
  • drill
  • old kitchen towel or tee-shirt you don’t mind throwing away


  1. sand down wood plank and wipe off
  2. paint white and let dry
  3. mark off stripes with painters tape and paint red; let dry
  4. sand entire board, focusing on edges, corners and ends (where wear would naturally occur); wipe off
  5. stain and let dry
  6. seal with satin finish polyurethane; let dry
  7. mark with chalk where the hooks or knobs will go and drill your holes
  8. screw in knobs or hooks
  9. admire your awesome new Christmas stocking hanger that you DIDN’T spend $100 on 🙂



As I was finishing up this post, I noticed the pictures aren’t the greatest, so I’ll be taking some new ones this weekend! I’ll also post some new pictures once we get our tree up 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!