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DIY Grapevine Easter Bunny Wreath

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of year. It’s not miserably hot yet, everything is blooming, and of course Easter! This year is even more special because it’s also my little monsters first birthday. Cue the sad mommy tears 😩😭 Seriously, he can’t already be a year old. It’s not possible! 😢

Anyways, I love having something hanging on my door for the season or holiday, but I wasn’t crazy about any of the Easter wreaths I saw in the stores this year. And for whatever reason I can’t find our old Easter door hanger. 

Pinterest to the rescue! I found an adorable grapevine Easter bunny wreath that was listed on Etsy, but it was $40 and kind of small. We live on the second floor of our building so I wanted something a little bigger that people could see from the ground. It didn’t look like it would be too hard to do myself, so off to Hobby Lobby I went.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • 1 10″ grapevine wreath
  • 1 8″ grapevine wreath 
  • 2 6″ grapevine wreaths
  • Floral wire
  • Any decorations you want to use (I used a burlap flower and burlap wired ribbon)

The great thing about this is how customizable it is. You can use any color/kind of ribbon or flower, add Easter eggs, more flowers, anything! 

The hardest part of this was bending the 6″ wreaths. Try to get them with the thinnest branches you can find, because it will make it easier. I ended up wrapping a blanket around the top half of the wreath, and using my foot to press down on it until the branches snapped enough. These will become your bunny’s ears!

Attatch the 10″ wreath and the 8″ wreath together with floral wire. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can cover it up with ribbon! Then attatch your bunny’s ears to its head (8″ wreath). Make sure you use enough wire to really secure the ears. I had to go back after a couple weeks and redo mine! 

Once you have your bunny put together, you can add any decorations you want! I chose to keep it simple and kind of rustic with a burlap ribbon and bow , and a burlap flower. 

Have you made a new wreath for Easter? I would love to see it! Comment with a picture of your Easter wreath! 

Oh and don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time! Turn your clocks forward an hour tonight! I know this girl is excited for an extra hour of sunlight! 😎☀️


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