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pÅ«r~lisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask Review

I’ve been meaning to post this review for a few weeks, but with everything going on it’s just slipped my mind! 

I got this product in January ipsy bag. If you haven’t signed up for ipsy by now, you’re missing out! It’s $10 a month for an adorable makeup bag full of awesome samples. I’ve gotten mascaras, eyeliners, masks, moisturizers, makeup brushes, and more! You seriously can’t beat it.

This has been one of my favorite products by far. I’ve almost used it all up, and I’ll be ordering more when I do!! 

This 10 minute exfoliating facial is full of good for your skin ingredients like: 

  • Blue Lotus Seed – powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory 
  • White Clay – tightens skin & purifies pores
  • Bamboo – improves skin texture
  • Ginger – detoxifies
  • Mushroom extract -brightens skin tone
  • White Tea – soothes skin
  • Rice Bran Water – improves skin texture

I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful with really strong masks and cleansers. This mask is wonderfully gentle but effective! 

Apply the mask in a nice thick layer on clean dry skin avoiding your eyes and mouth (duh). Let it dry completely! This normally 
takes about 10 minutes depending on how thick you apply the mask. 

Look at all the oil and nasty stuff it’s drawing out!

Use a wash cloth and warm water to gently wipe off mask using small circular motions. Rinse and dry your face and follow with pÅ«r~lisse moisturizer. 

When I first put the mask on, it does have a slightly tingly warm feeling. Not really a burning sensation and not uncomfortable, but enough to notice. This goes away after a minutes or two. 

What is your favorite mask or at home facial? Have you ever used pūr~lisse? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you! 💜💜💜

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Over the Weekend

We had a pretty interesting weekend over here in Squishy-monster land. 

Squishy and I went to Hattiesburg with Tory and her daughter for the Dance Teachers United convention. It was really fun and so great to see all the young girls enjoying something they love so much! 

I love getting to go out of town and expose Squishy to new places and people. We always traveled a lot when I was younger, and I want to be able to do the same with Squish. He loved watching all the girls, going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, and riding around in the stroller. 

If you’re ever in Hattiesburg, you’ve got to stop at this BWW. They have great food and AMAZING service. Our waitress was so sweet and the manager stopped and talked to us for a few minutes. We talked about Squish and his own son, and he brought Squish his own little bowl of mandarin oranges. 

Another great thing about going out of town with Squish is that it’s basically a reset button for his sleep schedule. I’ve been having the HARDEST time trying to get him back on a schedule, and it seems like nothing I try works. Last time we went out of town to Gulf Shores, it got him on a perfect schedule! This of course got messed up a few weeks later when we lost power for a couple days and had to go stay with my mom. 

This was just going to be a short trip so I figured it would be perfect. And it was!!!! He stayed awake from 2:30 when we made it to Hattiesburg until 9 when we made it back to the hotel, and HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT! 

Y’all, it was the most wonderful thing ever. He also slept all night last night IN HIS OWN BED! 😍😍😍

We also had another BIG new development yesterday. MY LITTLE MONSTER FINALLY CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH!! I was really starting to think this child was never going to have teeth! 😂

We don’t have a lot planned for this week, and we’re probably just going to relax. I may start on a new DIY project for my living room, so stay tuned! 😁👍🏌
What did you do over the weekend? Any big plans for this week? I’d love to hear from you!