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My Little “Bum”pkin

These pictures were so much fun to do! 

I saw this adorable picture of a baby with a pumpkin painted on his butt on Pinterest a while back and have been patiently (haha) waiting to do this with Squish. 

So last weekend I finally got everything together and took Squish over to my friends house to commandeer her fall set-up for pictures! 

Y’all, they turned out SO FREAKING CUTE!!! 

I bought the face paint from Walmart for about $3, and also borrowed a plaid blanket scarf from another friend! 

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Halloween DIYS

As I might have mentioned before, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! And with this being Squishy’s first Halloween, I’m double excited! 

We spent this morning driving all over town for supplies, but after Kroger, Hobby Lobby, and THREE trips to Walmart we finally got everything we needed. 
We did two crafts today: Halloween “bum”kin painting and Night Before Christmas onesies. 

“Bum”pkin Keepsake 

  • Canvas
  • Orange non-toxic paint
  • Green and brown acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Baby butt

Now if your little one can’t roll over yet, this is super easy. Just paint their butt with the orange paint, and stamp it on the canvas! While the process is the same no matter what age, I suggest putting a towel underneath your little one while you apply the paint if they can roll over! I just used a plain permanent marker to write the date at the bottom. Use the green and brown paint to add the stem and vines! 

NBC Onesie

  • White onesies
  • Soft black fabric paint
  • Stencil (I used a pumpkin stencil I printed out here and here)
  • Scissors and sharp knife 
  • Sponge brush  

To cut out the stencils you’re going to need a really sharp knife to get all the little details! I used Blair’s pocket knife, but an X-acto knife would be perfect! 

Make sure you put something in between the front and back of the onesie so the paint doesn’t seep through. Then just lay your stencil on the onesie, use the sponge brush to dab the paint all over, and lift the stencil! 

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Squishy is SIX MONTHS OLD!

Today was a big day for my little monster! Not only is he SIX months old (NOOO 😭), he had his six month check up, too! 

He now weighs 15 lbs and 5 oz and is 27 inches long! He had to get four shots today, and it broke my heart. It hasn’t gotten to me before, but today made me cry! 

Some of Squish’s new skills are:

  • rolls both ways
  • blows rasberries
  • grabs things without missing
  • sits unassisted for a few seconds
  • responds to his name
  • laughs at Mommy and Daddy
  • trying solid foods
  • plays with his feet

We’re also loving his new Halloween outfit and bib from Carter’s! Fall/winter is my favorite time of year because there are so many fun things to do! This weekend we’ll be going to the pumpkin patch, and I’m so excited! 

Another big thing today, we’ve made it SIX months exclusively breastfeeding! This was my first goal for our breastfeeding journey, and I couldn’t be happier that we reached it. Our next goal is a year, and I don’t think we’ll have a problem reaching it!! 

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Russian Piping Tips: Part One

About a week ago I did a giveaway on my Facebook page for a dozen cupcakes. So of course, everything fell apart this week and I’m just now getting around to making them. But thanks to my procrastinating ways, I got to use my new Russian piping tips on them! 

I got these in the mail a few days ago and have been DYING to use them! I’ve seriously wanted these for about 6 months! 

When I first opened the box, I’ve gotta admit. I was a little intimidated. These things are MASSIVE. So this morning I decided to break them out and give it a shot.

Russian piping top compared to a regular tip
There is a SERIOUS learning curve to these things. After scraping the icing off of the first cupcake for like the eighth time, I finally got the hang of it. One thing I did notice is the icing needs to be a good bit stiffer than what I normally use to hold it’s shape. So I kept having to put the bag in the fridge to keep it from melting from me holding it. 
I only tried one, but I can’t wait to try the rest! I think I’ll watch some tutorials and try to get a better understanding of them before I try them again though. 

This is the tip I used to get the flowers on these cupcakes! 


S’more Cupcakes

When I think of fall I think of cold weather, leaves changing, flannel shirts, and my absolute favorite thing: S’MORES!

I’ve been on a cupcake kick lately, and when I saw this recipe for s’more cupcakes I just couldn’t help myself.

They turned out AHMAZEBALLS!!

A deep, rich, tender chocolate cupcake on top of a buttery graham cracker crust, topped with fluffy marshmallow buttercream, chocolate sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and toasted marshmallows. Ughhhhh, SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

I tweaked the recipe a little bit by adding chocolate chips to the batter, and used an easier marshmallow buttercream. Now this icing will NOT toast like the ones in the pictures from the recipe.

The first time I made them, I just topped them with graham cracker crumbs and toasted marshmallows. The second time I added chocolate sauce. Y’all. OMG. A perfect finish.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the process, but it I was just way too excited.

I used a torch to toast the marshmallows, but you can also put them on a sheet pan in the over on broil for a few seconds. Be careful, it doesn’t take long!

Let me know if you try these and how they turn out! I’d love to see!

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Munch Mitt Review

Over the past few weeks Squishy has been teething like crazy and wanting to chew on EVERYTHING! One issue we’ve been having is that he hasn’t quite mastered holding something while he chews on it. He can pick it up and get it to his mouth, but will drop it after a few seconds. This is the worst thing that could ever happen and will likely cause the apocalypse, based on his reaction anyways. 

We tried the Nuk bandanna teething bib, but as cute as it was, he didn’t particularly care for it. 

One day I was scrolling through my news feed on IG and one of my friends who works at The Cinnamon Tree posted a picture of the perfect solution! 


Y’all, he freaking LOVES this thing. 

It’s basically a mitt that velcros on his hand and has a rubber tip with little bumps on it that he can chew on. It keeps him from sucking and chewing on his poor little hands and the textured rubber part massages his little gums. 

Fun features:

  • crinkle noise
  • black and white polka dot pattern
  • bright color contrast
  • food grade textured and flexible silicone 
  • can be worn on either hand

It also comes with a Travel/Wash bag which makes cleaning and keeping the mitt clean super easy! I just throw Squishy’s in the washing mashing with his clothes when I do laundry a few times a week! 

We’ve had it for a few weeks now and he still loves it! I definitely recommend this for teething little ones! 

You can buy yours local at the Cinnamon tree, or order one at The Munch Mitt


Harvest Snaps Review

I’m always excited to try new foods. Especially new SNACK FOODS. So when I opened my Flawless Voxbox from Influenster, I was really excited to see these Snapea Crisps by Harvest Snaps!


Apparently someone else was excited to try them, too. Blair ate half the bag while I was changing Squishy’s diaper!

Well thankfully I at least got to try a few before he DEVOURED them.

I’m not really a big fan of “healthy” snacks, so I wasn’t crazy about these. They had the texture of cheese puffs, but little flavor. Blair, who loves all things healthy, freaking loves them  and ate the whole bag. So while I won’t be buying these for ME, I’ll be ordering some for Blair for his stocking the Christmas!