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Swaddle Blanket

One of the first things I made after I got my new sewing machine was this adorable swaddle blanket!


This is also the very first thing I sold on Etsy! But I guess that’s really only exciting to me 😜

The project was a little daunting at first, but after a little trial and error it was pretty easy! The hardest part for me is using minky material because it stretches as you sew. I have figured out it’s easier if you sew with the minky on the bottom and use LOTS of pins. 

 So here’s what you want, what you really really want, the link to the tutorial!

She even has a picture of how to put together the pattern! I wish I would have had that the first time I did it. It took me forever to figure how to put all the pieces together!! AND she has a cute burp cloth pattern too! 
These Swaddle blankets can be made with cotton, flannel, fleece, or minky! And they’re so cute!! 
Here’s some more I’ve made recently 🤗



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