DIY Maternity Sash

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Before I was unfortunately put on bed rest, we had an appointment for a maternity shoot! I was so excited and spent HOURS AND HOURS pouring over Pinterests for ideas.

One of my favorite ideas was the cute little sashes a lot of women had as props during their shoots!

I looked on Etsy, and honestly it would have been cheaper to just buy one! But I can’t ever do it the easy way. So off to Hobby Lobby I went! An hour and a half and about $40-$50 later, I walked out dazed and confused. Sometimes I think they pump something in the air in that place. Anyways what I used is stretchy lace ribbon, flowers, gems, felt, hot glue gun, and fabric spray paint.

  1. Cut out enough lace to fit around you and then some to tie it
  2. Spray paint lace and let dry; repeat on both sides
  3. Lay felt down and lace on top
  4. Arrange flowers
  5. Glue flowers down
  6. Glue gems on flowers
  7. Trim off excess felt
  8. Prance around in your cute new maternity sash! 👸🏻💃🏻🌻🌸

Here’s how it turned out

I was really excited with how it turned out, even if I didn’t get to use it yet!

The best thing about doing this yourself, is you can pick the exact colors you want! You can go traditional blue or pink, match your nursery, or match your outfit during your maternity shoot. Plus you can go as sparkly and embellished as you want!

Anyways, here’s the link to the original tutorial I found.
I’m impatient and a little lazy so I didn’t cut my felt out in circles, but went the easy route and just laid the piece of felt under the lace and then glued the flowers down and trimmed the excess felt off. Worked just as well!


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